PR Highway Authority

San Juan PR


Started : JULY 1995

Completed : NOVEMBER 2000


US $ 29,453,000

Project Summary

Construction of Highway Road PR-10 in the municipalities of Adjuntas and Ponce, Puerto Rico.

The project consisted of the construction of 3.410 km of highway road with 2 lanes 3.65 meters wide and a climbing lane, 4,516,370 cubic meters of unclassified excavation, rock excavation, drainage structures, hot plant mix bituminous pavement, signing, pavement markings, relocation of utilities and other miscellaneous works.

This project was financed with combined funds from the Federal Highway Administration and the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority.

The Scope

  • Excavation was originally estimated at 4,500,000 cubic meters. Due to redesign changes in cut slopes and embankments, total excavation topped 5,700,000 cubic meters.
  • Clearing and grubbing operations in over 100 acres.
  • Rock blasting operations, including survey controlled presplitting. Drilling was mostly performed in house, with blasting by a dedicated subcontractor.
  • High traffic haul-road construction and maintenance for 40-ton rigid frame highway trucks. This presented a challenge due to the vastly differing elevation changes the topography of the area presented and the excessive rains common to the area.
  • Excavation for slopes and benches. Quarry preparation and aggregate production plant. This project served as a resource for all aggregate production necessary to roadway construction for this site and all our adjacent projects at the time.
  • Drainage structures. Besides a vast quantity of drainage pipes, two creeks and one small river required the construction of cast-in-place drainage structures with over 4,000 cubic meters of concrete.