PR Highway Authority

San Juan, PR


Started : AUGUST 2015

Completed : (in progress)


US $ 24,611,000

Project Summary

This project consists of the construction of the extension of Degetau Avenue, PR-34 from Luis Munoz Marin Avenue, PR-32 to highway PR-183. It includes the construction of a bituminous concrete surface roadway, a 245.65 meters, 7-span bridge consisting of prestressed concrete girders over Turabo River, drainage system, relocation of PREPA and PRASA utilities, highway lighting, traffic signals, traffic signs, pavement markings, retaining walls, planting, and other miscellaneous works.

The works includes improvements to highway PR-788 (0.329 kilometers), PR-789 (0.6509 kilometers) and PR-183 (0.4189 kilometers). The total length of all the constructions works is 3.3523 kilometers.

This project will be financed with combined funds from the Federal Highway Administration and the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority.

The Scope

  • Aproximately 28,000 tons of bituminous concrete pavement.
  • Construction of bridge with 245.65 meters in a 7-span bridge.
  • Drainage system : Pipes, box culvert and waterways.
  • Construction of 1,188 Square meters of MSE retaining walls.