PR Highway Authority

San Juan, PR


Started : JANUARY 2004

Completed : APRIL 2008


US $ 38,812,000

Project Summary

Construction of two continuous segments of Highway Road PR-9 in municipality of Ponce, PR.

  • Project PR-9 I: Construction of PR-9 from PR-123 to Estancias del Golf.
  • Project PR-9 II: Construction of Highway PR-9 from Station 92+00 to PR-10.

These adjacent projects consisted of the construction of Highway PR-9, including demolition work, unclassified excavation, rock excavation, two (2) concrete bridges, drainage structures, erosion control, hot plant-mix bituminous pavement, signing and markings, PREPA and PRASA utilities, lighting and traffic signal systems.

The Scope

  • Combined excavation in excess of 2,300,000 of cubic yards.
  • Embankment construction.
  • Clearing and grubbing operations in 140 acres.
  • Rock excavation including blasting.
  • Roadway construction.
  • Overpass bridges.
  • JCA (CES) erosion control and SWPP implementation.
  • Quarry preparation and aggregate production plant.
  • Drainage structures as RCP culvert construction.