United States Army Corps of Engineers

San Juan, PR


Started : JANUARY 2008

Completed : FEBRUARY 2014


US $50,689,000

(as Subcontractor of Dragados USA)

Project Summary

Working as a main subcontractor for Dragados USA our company’s duties include:

All earthwork operations include continuous rock blasting of over 600,000 cubic yards, cofferdam construction and over 3km of Haul Roads, roadway, bridge, aggregate production, demolition work, unclassified excavation and excavation for structures, rock excavation, valve house building, concrete bridge, drainage structures, erosion control, hot plant-mix bituminous pavement, signing and markings, and specialized dam work.

The Scope

  • Clearing and grubbing operations in 150 acres.
  • Combined excavation in excess of 1,300,000 of cubic yards.
  • Embankment construction.
  • Rock excavation including blasting.
  • Roadway construction and maintenance.
  • Crest Access Bridge.
  • Quarry preparation and aggregate production plant.
  • Drainage structures.
  • Implementation of CEST and SWPPP.